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Avoid Depression:10 Reasons To Get & Stay Sober

Making the decision to give up an addiction may seem like a simple act to ...
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Dreams and Recovery from Addiction

Help from the unconscious. After more than thirty—five years of working with my own and other ...
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An Exercise for Making Self-Care Dreams Into Daily Realities

When it comes to taking care of yourself, don’t hesitate to dream big. Sometimes we think ...
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Cultivating a Courageous Life: Q&A with Coach Kate Swoboda

We assume that courage requires being fearless. And you’re certainly not fearless. No, you’re 100 ...
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Planning a Life with Bipolar Disorder: Part I

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong ordeal, even with treatment. Medications need to be adjusted. Therapy ...
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How Your Dreams Really Work

New research offers insight into how long-term memories are solidified over time as we sleep. We ...
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Foodstuff of Dreams

Are you paying for a snack—or an aspiration? Is our sense of identity so connected to food that ...
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