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An Effective Way to Help You End Emotional Eating

Had a bad day at work? Maybe you come home and drown your frustrations in ...
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How to Heal From Emotional Eating: Insights & Advice

Last week, I had the great pleasure of listening to a free teleclass by Golda ...
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Boost Your Body Image by Journaling

Journaling has a variety of benefits. In 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food, clinical psychologist Susan Albers, ...
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What Lurks Behind Your Obsession with Food and Emotional Eating

I used to think that preoccupation with food stemmed from liking food too much or ...
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Coping Skills to Curb Emotional Eating

Yesterday, I read a blog post that really resonated with me. Katie from Health for ...
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Body Image & Weight Loss: What Are You Waiting For?

To so many people, weight loss signifies a positive future. It isn’t just losing weight ...
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