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A Myth About Alcohol, Drugs and Creativity

Creativity can thrive without alcohol and drugs My entire life I grew up around creative people. ...
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I Have Teenagers — Pray For Me

The bumper sticker on the car ahead of me this morning read, “I have teenagers. ...
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Finding Fulfillment Beyond Your Weight, Shape or Size

For so many of us weighing less not only becomes a goal we strive for. ...
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Reevaluating How We Work and Live

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity and reevaluating how I work. In the ...
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If No One Told You This Today or Ever

Today, I’m sharing words you might need to hear right now, or words you might ...
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You’re on the Phone Again? Helping Children Learn Relationship Skills

One parent writes: My daughter spends all day with a friend. She no sooner gets home ...
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