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How Would You Like Your Body Image To Feel?

With her blog, Medicinal Marzipan, Mara has a way of making me pause and reflect on ...
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5 More Ways to Listen to Ourselves

So often we dismiss our own thoughts, feelings, needs and desires. We assume that someone ...
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Why Sitting Up Straight Makes You Feel Better

Sit up straight, a command never far from the lips of mothers just a couple ...
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The Shame We May Feel for Having a Mental Illness

I sat in front of 20 people at an inpatient psych unit to tell my story ...
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Staying single is really your domain? Find it!

An article written by Murk Qazi: Some people wants to stay single and feel completely okay with ...
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10 Ways to Communicate Your Love More Deeply

An article written by Murk Qazi: The corporate greed of the Valentine's Day season turns many individuals ...
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