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3 Factors That Determine Well-Being Between Episodes

For many people with bipolar disorder, there is life between episodes of depression or mania. The nature of ...
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IQ May Matter in Bipolar Disorder

Researchers have long been interested in whether or not a relationship exists between intelligence and ...
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When Bipolar Disorder Meets Bulimia

At least 14% of people with bipolar disorder suffer from lifetime eating disorders. Compare this to 4-9% in ...
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Bipolar Disorder & Why I Isolate Myself

Living with bipolar disorder is hard. There are many people who think positively about their ...
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Coping with Irritability in Hypomania

For three days now I have been feeling incredibly anxious, agitated and irritable. I’ve had ...
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How it Feels to Have a Manic Episode

I’ve only had one, full manic episode in my life. That is, until now. Whenever ...
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Can You Be Hypomanic Without Losing Control?

I have discussed bipolar with thousands of people over the last 10 years and would ...
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Where Is The Line Between Hypomania And Out Of Control?

Exploring the potential of the human mind has been a central fascination for most of ...
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