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Complications of Binge Eating

The problems associated with binge eating are related to obesity. Since people consume so many ...
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3 Lessons on Body Image, Self-Doubt & Self-Care

This month marks five years since I started writing Weightless. (This was my first post published on ...
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Treatment for Anorexia

Treatment of anorexia, as with all eating disorders, can be challenging. Effective treatment addresses the underlying ...
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Anorexia (Anorexia Nervosa) Symptoms

People who intentionally starve themselves suffer from an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa. The  disorder, which usually begins ...
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Eating Too Quickly May Encourage Weight Gain

Researchers studying food behavior have discovered that eating too quickly may be an important contributor ...
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The Link Between Weight and Bipolar Disorder

If you’re like half the population of the United States, you’ve been worried about your weight at ...
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How Often is Binge Eating Disorder Tied to Bipolar Disorder?

Obesity is incredibly common in people with mental illness. Around 80% of people with mental ...
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5 Lessons Addicts Can Learn from Weight Watchers

The 22 million Americans addicted to drugs aren’t as “different” as they may think. Added ...
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