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Three vital behaviors to adopt when your child bullies you – the do’s of parenting

An article written by Amna Nawaz:  Raising a child never has been an easy task, especially in ...
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Craving: When the brain remembers drug use

What are cravings and how should one cope? What are drug-use cravings? I agree with these descriptions ...
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My Parent Has a Problem with Alcohol

If you are the child of an alcoholic, you are suffering from this disease as ...
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10 Fantasies to Examine Before Choosing to Become a Parent

Contemplating parenthood can be like entering the field of poppies in the Wizard of Oz. ...
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The Challenge of Practicing Self-Care as a Parent: Q&A with Clinician Catherine O’Brien

Recently, I started a mini series that explores practicing self-care as a parent. Because finding ...
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Navigating Self-Care as a Parent: Q&A with Therapist Anna Osborn

Carving out time for ourselves gets tricky when we become parents. As a (very) new ...
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8 Tips for Building Healthy Parent/Teacher Relationships

It’s astonishing but true: Many children spend more of their waking hours with their teachers ...
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“Gratitude is the Parent of All Virtues”

True tolerance of others, especially of those we love, is a virtue that all romantic ...
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5 Ways to Be a Less Anxious Parent

As a therapist who has counseled parents for 20 years and as a mother of ...
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