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Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress.

Mini-relaxation techniques can help quiet our busy minds. The mind's job is to keep busy. According ...
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Psychological Nutrition: A New Prescription for Chronic Pain

A discussion on non-pharmacological interventions A patient in chronic pain wants their pain gone. Perhaps this is easier ...
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A Tip for Tending to Your Body

Body image goes beyond your weight, size and silhouette. “Body image can change based on ...
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Using Visualization to Cope with Body-Hating Thoughts & Other Concerns

Visualization is a valuable way to cope with our emotions. It can help us when ...
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Structure for the Bipolar Child

You can structure your family life and community support system in ways that provide the ...
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The Home Environment for the Bipolar Child

Parents of bipolar children often change their home environment to make their child’s life — and the ...
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Imagery: Basic Relaxation Script

Hi and welcome. I’m here to offer you a simple way to use your mind ...
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Practical Tips for Using Imagery

Sing imagery on purpose, whether for relaxation, energy, problem-solving, healing or planning, is something you ...
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