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A Battered Body Image: Missing Out

If you’re having a “fat day,” do you stay in? Does a fat day dictate whether ...
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What Body Image Means to You

I used to think that a healthy body image was all about being OK with ...
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3 Body Image Myths We Keep On Believing

There are several body image myths that seem to be relentless. So let’s set the ...
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Weight And Self-Worth: The Meaning Of Weightless

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the meaning and mission of Weightless. I know that some ...
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Rediscovering and Remembering What We’re Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who’s celebrating! So I was away a bit longer than I ...
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Loving Thoughts Aren’t Required for Treating Your Body with Love

For some of us loving our bodies sounds like a lovely thought but not a ...
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Treatment for Anorexia

Treatment of anorexia, as with all eating disorders, can be challenging. Effective treatment addresses the underlying ...
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