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Arslan Saleem:

Obesity and getting fat is an increasing problem people are facing nowadays. Many of the people don’t have good eating habits, some eat loads of junk food, some people eat a lot and some don’t go to walk and exercise regularly to maintaining their weight. Exercise and walk is not only for obese people it’s for everyone who wants to stay healthy and it also helps a lot of people to stay away from various diseases. Study tells, obese people reduce their life span with every kilogram they gain. Every time a person gains weight, he reduces his lifespan.

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Editor: Sabtain Mustafa

Education is without any doubt the best thing that happens in anyone’s life. Education not only help the person to get a stable life in future but it also helps in many aspects of life. Study of having a long life also shows that getting educated also leads to for more lifespan. Each year people spend on getting education, and year adds in their lifespan. Thus, every educated person increases their lifespan as well along with the knowledge they get.

Smoking is very harmful and injurious for a person and his health. It is the reason of many illness such as mouth and lung cancer and heart attack. A person who doesn’t smoke lives a comfortable life but if a person starts smoking and then quit it he may also expect to live longer. Study also shows that the person who quits smoking can also have a longer lifespan. But, a person who keeps smoking reduces their life span and welcome many diseases.

People who studies a lot and for a long period they get knowledge and are expected to live longer. Everyone wants to try something new, a new thrill or an adventure, people who explore different things and different experiences also live long.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh studied the genes of almost 600,000 people including life period of their parents.Due to, people has half genes of their parents, the group was able to study different life period of genes.

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