According to Joesph Grenny, there are six sources through which we can influence change. We are using his approach to understand and, expedite weight loss projects by bringing in change from all possible angels.

The Six Sources of Influence are as follows:

  1. Personal motivation
  2. Personal ability
  3. Social motivation
  4. Social ability
  5. Structural motivation
  6. Structural ability


We will start explaining from the first one along with its application in the weight loss project. First of all, we come across the problem of personal motivation. It is a process of overcoming internal resistance. According to an article on Psychology today, there are four kinds of motivations:

  1. External motivation
  2. Introjected motivation
  3. Identified motivation
  4. Intrinsic motivation

External motivation is when other people expect you to slim down and, then you try living up to their expectations. It is external, as the name applies, in its essence. Introjected motivation is when you have a desire to lose weight but, it is only endorsed by you. It is driven by ego or, other issues. Then comes Identified motivation is the motivation when weight loss is valued by you. Lastly, there is Intrinsic motivation, it is the motivation of when one values being healthy.

All these four kinds of motivations are important in the process of weight loss however, the most effective ones are identified and, intrinsic as they show that the choice of weight loss is independently made, the factor of choice sets the tone of the mood which helps to keep the spirits high. It is then a pleasurable experience and, the motivation is considered to be lasting longer.

To excel in motivation, one needs to chart down what is good behavior and, what is bad.  Good behavior implies that one keeps oneself satiated enough to not hog on to food when it comes in front of them. It means eating in small chunks throughout the day. Bad habit includes starving oneself. It makes one crave for food. It also gives a signal of ‘drought mode’ to the body. The body then saves all extra calories it gets from the below-normal intake which results in more weight gain by the body.

Life is lived well if managed well. It comes from adopting healthy life-style. Such changes are long lasting instead of giving knee-jerk reactions to the body with cutting down unhealthily on the diet or, indulging in too extraneous exercises which leave the body tired all the time.  

Second source of influence according to Joseph Grenny is Personal Ability i.e. to master the necessary skills needed for success. The secret of success lies in observing the habits of successful people who have previously traversed the same path with resilience. For weight loss, the skill to manage an effective routine is a must. Stephen Covey puts a remarkable habit in his book “to begin with the end in mind”. This habit is the most fruitful when dealing in weight loss as good as it is in other areas of life. Reading on how other people manage better habits is very much recommended. It can also include a check on the calorie count of one’s intake. Skills can also include following a diet plan like the diabetics follow. Regular workout routine is also a plus.  


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