Ethical considerations

Every country has its own standard for ethics of work, and a forensic psychologist must ensure that ethical considerations and possess high moral values. The most important are Integrity and Impartiality and fairness.

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Issues in forensic psychology

Forensic psychology can serve as the backbone while solving a criminal case, because it merges the clinical knowledge and law by applying the psychological knowledge scientifically to the legal aspects. There has been growing research work in this field to improve its authenticity in law. But unfortunately, there is very little work in Pakistan for the progress of such a highly important field. Furthermore, the job opportunities are very low which discourage the youth to seek career in forensic psychology. We cannot refuse the importance of this field, because it helps to improve the validity of a jury’s decision. Therefore, the concerned departments should take serious steps for the betterment of this field in Pakistan. So that the quality of justice system become high and people will be start perceiving this field as important and attractive as other field of studies.



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