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Arslan Saleem:

A 7 year old girl always used to complain that she’s not well and doesn’t want to attend school, her mom used to keep her home and after sometime she used to get active and play with her little sister, laughing and enjoying. This gained the attention of her mother that how she can feel well all of a sudden.

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Editor: Sabtain Mustafa

Her mom started forcing her to attend school and whenever she forced her the girl started complaining of some pains or aches or that she’s sick. This all started to gain attention of her mom and she thought if her daughter was lying or being honest, Despite the girls continuous complains her mom took her to a doctor and found out that she’s not suffering from anything she just have many worries inside her.

Do people have awareness if their children might going through any of this and you can connect to this incident if you see your children complaining like this.

When we recognize a dangerous or unsafe situation, for example, a fire or a huge dog chasing us, our faculties, our thinking and sensibility promptly inform our safety alert. It thus alerts different parts from claiming our mind on immediately get ready our body to battle or to run and leave the situation. Our autonomic sensory system discharges stress hormones under our circulation system to help us do this. Despite the fact that blood will be always streaming. Previously, our body, when those fight-or-flight response occurs, the blood stream progressions. For example, our stomachs need aid not required throughout a life-undermining circumstance. The blood stream of the stomach is lessened altogether since different parts from claiming our particular figure requirement it additional. At this occurs, we feel that stomachache.

Children are ready for the fight and flight situation either fight or run, this happens when a children is suffering from difficult situations or is extremely worried about something. Getting chased by the dogs, or getting stuck in a fire is not always the main issue, being extremely worried can also be the main issue.

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