An article written by
Shumaila Batool:

Hard Times are unavoidable in every body’s life. In fact, hard times are testimonials of your mental ability. Whether the problem is minor or major mental strength is mandatory element to solve all kind of problems.

Without mental strength no one can face life challenges adequately. Lack of mental strength leads towards self-doubt and emotional problems like anxiety and depression. Management of hardships actually requires the management of your thoughts, behavior and feelings. Mastery over these three areas makes you stronger to stay against the hardships. By using 3 As Formula one can be more mentally stronger and tougher person. Here is the description of 3 AS

Shumaila-BatoolMiss Shumaila Batool completed Masters in Clinical Psychology, DCCP (Diploma in Clinical Counseling and Psychotherapy), and internship from Mayo Hospital. She did her research on ‘Autism’ in which the main focus was the effect of behavior modification techniques. she is performing her duties as a professional Clinical psychologist which is includes both Indoor and Outdoor patients, family sessions of the respective patients, and group therapy of the patients. She also trains the new professionals on the latest program related to Teens problems with the title of “Smart but Scattered Teens”.

Editor: Arman Ahmed


Acceptance means acknowledging the situation from a realistic point of view. It does not mean that you are agreeing. When somebody does not accept the reality he just wastes his precious time and energy. Acceptance is the first step of your responses towards problems solving. It decides that how you will respond in a stressful situation. Let’s understand this important phenomenon by an example. We see different behaviors of different people while they are driving. Somebody shows his reaction on traffic jam by showing louder actions, he may scream at others, clenched his first and banging on dashboard. He may do this kind of self-talk, “Why this always happen to me”. Ultimately his thinking makes him angry, annoy and frustrated. At the same time someone may show very appropriate behavior on the same situation. He may use self-calming statement like, “Traffic jam may happen “, “it is a normal part of routine life” .This kind of statements help him to stay calm. Acceptance is a realization of what is in your control and what is not. There are a lot of things which you cannot control but your behavior is the only thing that is under your control. So, whenever stressful situations arise. First step to deal them is ‘acceptance’ without being judgmental.


 Adaption of Constructive Behavior

Acceptance and realization helps you to manage your behaviors and thoughts in a positive and productive way. Your responses will decide that how quickly you will reach at the solution of your problem. While you are facing life challenges, one thing you should realize is that, you can only have the choice to control your responses. You cannot change the situation or circumstances. Your choices of response also make you to emerge right among the irreparable losses of life.

So, it is important for you to be thoughtful before the execution of your solution. Adequate behavior is inevitable in handling any upsetting situation. For example, getting a diagnosis of a serious illness like diabetes either you can lose in grief or you can move towards the management of this disease to regulate your routine life. Choice is yours.

Accelerate Positive Thinking

Your mind has the capacity to influence your behavior and feelings. So, it is very important to be conscious about your thinking. Because it might be your  friend   or your foe.

Your way of thinking and your beliefs are responsible of your outcomes. In fact, content of your self-talk matters a lot. It may help you to reach your potential or prevent you to achieve your goal. If you start thinking like that “I am worthless person I have not capacity to bear all hardship any more”. You can lose your control and this kind of thinking becomes the reason of your failure. Pessimistic inner talk floods your abilities. Negative self-talk does not have any reality because just thinking about something does not make it true. To avoid negative thinking, you should enhance the positive thinking. Learn some techniques & tips to become an optimist person. Whenever you encounter negative thought replace them with positive one. Start doing positive self-talk and do more focus on positives of your life. Live mindfully. To handle tough time, create some positive self-statement which   put out you from negativity.

 We should realize that Mental Health is a very important element like physical health. We may not think about mental health as serious as we should. Start doing something daily to improve your mental capacity. Mental muscles also need your proper attention. You have not any control over life’s hardships but you can make yourself able to face these hardships with full courage and consistency.