Take note of what is being said to find out if someone is into addiction.

For a family, it is very difficult to see a loved one go through the worse consequences of the disease of addiction but it becomes even heart breaking when the disease becomes more entrenched and tough with each passing day.

The important question is when can we know what is the right time to ask for help? Well one way that we can use as a tool to identify is to check how people around him portray his personality? Second point is when you frequently hear certain words again and again then the chances are high that the things have gone out of control.

haroon christyMr. Haroon Christy Munir is the Director of Sadaqat Clinic Lahore and also working as Counselor at Willing Ways (pvt) Ltd. He has done Master’s in Business Administration from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad and afterwards M.Sc Management from Leeds business School, United Kingdom. He is well known for counseling on assertiveness, life strategies, personality development of patients and family therapy.  He has positive approach and attitude towards life and is skilled in personal development planning, time management and prioritization.

Editor: Mr. Saad Shaheed

Following are some of the words that are if used for your loved one in addiction than its point to ponder and the matter should be brought up into consideration:

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  1. Careless

“You are very careless. I cannot ask you to do anything. You never fulfill your promises and you have been out for hours. You never look into the consequences of what you do and how it affects others.”

For such careless behaviour from your loved one who is in addiction there is a reason behind it. Addiction completely changes the brain dynamics and affects those brain areas which are responsible for executive functioning. This brings us to the fact that the ability to take decision, problem solving and impulse control gets effected with the drug intake. The person might look forwards to take correct decision and do the right thing but that becomes nearly impossible because of disease nature.

  1. Grumpy

“I have been observing your mood for the last couple of days and I am seeing much mood variations since then. The roller coaster of your mood is making me miss the genuine being you were.”

Addiction brings along mood instability hence the mood swings occurrence can be observed as a normal routine. This includes: overexcitement, elation, anxiety, absurdness and many alike. Although it depends upon the person’s choice of drug and how it reacts, it may result in withdrawals symptoms including the agitation, fatigue and depression. Summing all these emotions results in highs and lows of emotional baggage.