Elaina doesn't mean to drag you down, but she is going to be honest, slap you in your face, and tell you the 5 things no one else is telling you about being beautifully bipolar before you are diagnosed.
How To Prevent Depression In Bipolar Disorder
                                                                         Here are 3 things you can do to prevent depressive episodes.
Symptom of the Day: Excessive Sleep
                                                           There exists a trope in depression of the person who is so down he cannot get out of bed. It seems like an exaggeration or a meaningless stereotype, but for many people it is a harsh reality.
PODCAST: Bestselling Self-Help Author Talks Bipolar Disorder
                                                                                               An author discusses her history with bipolar disorder, the bicycle accident that saved her life, and her role as consultant for the TV show, Homeland.