This past Sunday I heard an encouraging talk on resisting the plague of negative thinking.  Hearing negative thinking as a plague was like an aha moment! It is a scourge, a sickness that can spread very quickly…It’s Negative Thinking!

There are many on the spectrum of this scourge, some are very sick, others are needing to heal and recover from the plague of negativity. While others are trying as hard as they can to avoid getting sick with this plague, but try as they might, they slip into its grasp.

Chato StewartChato Stewarti s the author cartoonist of his original cartoon seriesMental Health Humor and writer of the Humor Blog on Psych Central. Chato’s blog style is what he likes to call “Bipolar!” he laughs then says, “No stereotype blog description there!” Seriously, Chato (Cha-Toe) likes to “Hit ya with the funny (the Mental Health Humor cartoon) then, MAKE YOU THINK” with a written blog post. This is more serious, educational, thought-provoking below the cartoon…


Editor: Nadeem Noor

4 ways to Resist Negative Thinking:

  1. Thought awareness and replacement
  2. Acknowledging and releasing the negative thoughts
  3. Feed our minds positivity – readings that elevate the mind, music
  4. Fill our lives with positive people

If You Do this, It will have a positive impact today!

We are never going to eliminate all our negative thoughts, but by taking some basic steps daily we can reduce the nasty effect they can have on our day…and how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. Remember, negative thinking is a plague, and it can spread.

Here is a thought on improving daily positivity:  Each day, (any time that is best for you) write or email or text yourself three things for which you are grateful.

Tip 5: Today I am grateful:

  • Today I am grateful for waking up early to write this blog post.
  • Today I am grateful for finding the last roll of toilet paper in a household of six.
  • Today I am grateful for freeze dried coffee, that even one teaspoon can taste better than any fast food coffee.

Gratitude and being positive is connected.  So, the idea is to try to be more thankful and increase gratitude. In essence, we will be thinking of three daily positive things.  This may be the cure for the plague of negative thinking: Vitamin P for Positivity!