If you want to work on your partner relationships or want to make a base line about whether your current relationship is healthy, you can check your relationship on the following parameters. The more you find positive qualities, the stronger your relationship is. These strengths and resources make your relationships eternal and long lasting. If you cultivate the following features in your relationship you can predict a better and satisfying life with your partner. Cordial relationships fulfill most of the following characteristics.

Mehwish-MursaleenMehwish Mursaleen is MPhil in Clinical Psychology and pursuing her PhD in similar field from Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi. She has provided mental health services to people having different psychological problems coming from different age groups and backgrounds. Her research work is based on IQ, Emotional Intelligence, Academic achievement and Aggression in adolescents. She also has published case studies on CBT for depression and panic disorder. Her interests are in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy, and psychological assessment.

Editor: Mr. Wakeel Murad

  1. If you know about your partner’s friends then it reveals that you know your partner well. If you can tell about one of his/her friend’s name and a good thing about that friend, it is a good relationship indicator.
  2. You both are lively and enjoy being frisky while you spend time together. You both try to make this time more enjoyable and playful. This is one thing to keep charm in your relationship. When you enjoy your partner so you stay longer with him/ her and this is the secret of intimate relationship with your partner.
  3. You are positive about your partner and you cherish that your partner has many good things and many creative ideas. If you are confident about your partner’s abilities then you will stay longer with your partner because you feel good with him/her.Relationship-2
  4. Because you like your partner it will prompt you to develop similar qualities as your partner. In some ways or other if you feel like becoming akin to your partner it is a good sign that your relationship will grow.
  5. Although there are disagreements between you both but you respect that your partner has logics behind his/her arguments. It shows that the disagreements will reach to some conclusion. Either you or your partner will compromise for the arguments. There are lesser chances of fights even you both disagree.