Scientific research show that the secondhand smoke is not healthy it is deadly for those children who exposure secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is deadly for children and teenage. Secondhand smoke cause many major diseases in children.

The Secondhand smoke refers to inhaul tobacco by those persons who not smoke. Now a second hand smoke is major cause for lung disease, cancer and other many problems that lead to unhealthy life. It is more harmful for children. Infant and teenager exposure second hand smoking in home rather than other places like markets, shopping mall, and other places because they spent more time at home.

umarMr. Umar Raza Complete his Post Magisterial Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PMDCP) from Sarhad University of Information & Technology Peshawar. He worked in District Head Quarter Hospital Faisalabad as Psychologist & Counselor. He worked with addict, psychotic patient and special children. He is interested in clinical psychology, counseling and psycho-diagnostic assessment.

Editor:  Talal Zubair

Inhaled fresh side stream smoke is also about 4 times more toxic than mainstream smoke (Tob Control. 2005). Yet thousands of children remain unprotected from involuntary exposures to SHS from adult smoking (US Dept of Health and Human Services; 2006). Second hand smoke is more harmful for children and teen ager because they had on the stage of organs development. Second hand smoking effects children in different way like sudden death, ears problems, lungs problems, breathing problems and respiratory infections are also associated with second hand smoking.


Children who belongs to Illiterate or less educated families experience more second hand smoke rather than those who belongs to educated families. Those children whose mother smoke after baby birth or smoke in pregnancy face more health problems rather than those children whose mother not smoke during pregnancy or after birth of children. Children who are exposed to household tobacco smoke also miss more school days per year than do children who live in smoke-free homes, representing an additional burden on children who may be struggling with school for other socioeconomic reasons (Tob Control. 1996).

Effects of Secondhand Smoke

Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Children

There is many causes a child may face when they exposure secondhand smoke

  • Effect on new born baby
  • Lungs Infection
  • Brain
  • Ear infections
  • Asthma Attack
  • Respiratory symptoms (for example, coughing, sneezing, and shortness of breath)
  • Respiratory infections
  • A greater risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)