bigstock-Concept-for-procrastination-an-515687681Most of us love to put off doing something that needs to be done in the present moment, until a later time, i.e. we Procrastinate. A variety of reasons of procrastinate, not limited to, include:

  • Avoiding discomfort
  • Working at the eleventh hour
  • Need more time

This could not only prevent us from completing our work, but also prevents us to produce quality result. Everyday distractions create hindrances in our initiative and longevity when it comes to being pragmatic. Make sure not to lose focus and concentration until the completion of task.
A few simple ways to curb procrastination include:

  • Start working on the task for 5 minutes. After the completion of 5 minutes, decide if you want to carry on or stop. This way you can make it easy on yourself, at least you can get going. As they say, “it’s the first step that’s the hardest”.
  • Eliminate the distractions from your environment. Distractions can destroy your motivation and set you up for procrastination.
  • If you feel better, you can do better. Get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and take time out for exercise. A healthy and active lifestyle enhances your focus and keeps you motivated.
  • Tired of doing the same repetitive tasks? Bring a change in your routine, variety in your affairs, and try out a different approach of executing the mundane tasks. You can also try rewarding yourself with a treat after completing a task.
  • Be mindful and consciously aware of whenever you feel like procrastinating. If you feel your task is burdensome, break it into smaller achievable chunks and get going.
  • Using these simple steps, Procrastination can be overtaken. Happy working!!!