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Cigarette smoking is a major cause of death and illness around the world. If we compare a smoker with a non-smoker, following risks are faced by a smoker: A smoker has 14 times greater risk of dying as compared to non-smoker from cancer of mouth, throat and lung. A smoker’s risk of dying from esophagus increases by 4 times whereas dying from heart attack a risk amplifies two times and same risk levels applies to dying from cancer of bladder. An important point to mention here is that products that contain tobacco like pipes snuff or cigars have the same effect as compared to those of cigarette.

Following article will provide you with some very helpful tips in order to Quit Smoking. The first and the foremost important tip is to identify the reason for giving up smoking followed by creating a smoke-free zone. A personal reason of why you want to quit smoking is very important because this will keep you on motivating through the ups and downs of the journey. Don’t choose an abrupt withdrawal because according to the statistics about 95% of people who opt this strategy end up relapsing. The very main reason for this is the missing Brain – Body synchronization.

This is because the brain becomes addictive to nicotine and cutting the supply will leave the brain with craving resulting in withdrawals and further leading to relapse. The recommended choice is to go for Nicotine-replacement therapy or inquire about prescription pills. Ask for support as you will go through the process because encouragement will ease the process. This might include family, friends, colleagues or you can even join a support group or get help from a counselor who will majorly focus on the behavioral therapy of the client. Another good way to get a support is to have an accountability partner with whom you need to be honest. Sharing plays a very vital role and your partner can help you very well while you go through rationalizations that lead to relapse. Manage stress scientifically because many use nicotine to help relieve stress and relax. Go for 4-6 small meals rather 1-2 large one’s because this will help in maintaining the sugar levels in body accompanied with providing energy thus resulting in preventing an urge to smoke.

The activities that may boost your urge to smoke should be avoided, meaning, first identify and later avoid those triggers. A good way to define the triggers and patterns is to maintain a craving journal. Keeping a log of your cigarette smoking will also help measure your progress towards your quit date. A quit date should be usually 30 days from your startup date. When through extreme cravings a great skill to adopt is either take a shower or bath. Get your house, smoke free by cleaning the ashtrays to washing clothes that may smell like smoke. Apply the 4D’s when you are being through cravings, 4D’s stand for – Delay, Distance Distract and Distort. Relapses are common so never stop trying but take yourself as ‘smoke-a-holic’ which means a single puff will always hook you up, no matter how long you haven’t smoked. Indulge more in physical activity to lessen nicotine craving and helps relieve some withdrawal symptom.

Never diet while you are being through a process of leaving cigarette because too much deprivation results in rebound, rather eat more low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Another good addition will be an abundant intake of fruit juices in the first 3 days as this will help in flushing out nicotine out of the body. In case of cravings give your mouth something to chew as it helps fight tobacco craving. Chewing may include sugarless gums or candies or raw vegetables like carrot, cabbage, nuts etc. While you are putting your effort to leave cigarette smoking, always back up this effort with a reward.

A good idea would be to buy yourself something productive from the money saved from not buying cigarettes. Self-talk is a great tool, tell yourself ‘I am a non-smoker’, ‘I am not smoking anymore’ or ‘I don’t smoke’. Take one day at a time which means that every morning you wake up, remind yourself that your today’s target is not to smoke, this helps in appropriate management throughout day. Last but not the least; you are putting all this effort because you believe ‘Health is wealth’.

Staying smoke free brings upon more to you in many aspects. You perform better and hence get better results, you get more energy to do more, your looks get better and yes not to forget not smoking brings in more money to your pocket and the most important of all you get more life to live.

By Haroon Christy