An article written by
Arslan Saleem:

A question arises if addiction is a disease or not, Addiction of drugs is known as a disease said by National institution of drug addiction. Addiction is known as a lifetime, worsening brain problem that is represented by uncontrollable drug use despite its dangerous results. People who gets in addiction changes because of addiction.

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Editor: Sabtain Mustafa

They start changing their lifestyle, they start leaving their sober friends and start making new friends who use drugs, some people distant themselves from family and friends and likes to use drugs alone. This problem is increasing day by day and many young people have lost their lives due to it. We should keep in mind that addiction is a bio, socio, psycho and spiritual disease. All of these factors are highly effected in addiction. Addiction is a non-curable but manageable disease, which keeps progressing with time and anyone can have another disease because of addiction. It is life threating and can only be managed when a person completely changes his life style.

Some people agree and some don’t, such as, a blogger refuses to believe and says that, every important belief is disapproved both by science and everyday life. However it’s true for alcohol and drug use. However, many other actions are related to treatment and biology.

To access this problem with fine head, we should try to find the thoughts of a person, which helps to find a clear image of addiction. By that we can get to know that why addiction is a strong, full of problems and not an ordinary disease.

The view of a person and structure of his mind:
It looks like that its weird to have talks about the point of view of addiction by a person, but it’s essential. The decisions of a person is according to its choices.

A study of human minds structure tells that only a group of related things in our mind is loyal to one’s action planned idea. We have a response system which helps us to participate in difficult action like walking. A person doesn’t get why he is able to walk but, he can surely walk if needed. Humans also have observing mind which helps them to observe the world with senses also to have needs and wants, feeling emotions of danger and happiness. We can gather these actions and call them primary action in which actions takes place suddenly and automatically without ones self-action.