Addiction destroys families like a lot as it destroy persons. Living with an addict is together pitiful and killing. Relative members are ragged between how to help the addict and how to avoid being sucked into the addict’s world. On behalf of a lot of people struggling with addiction, the major and toughest pace in the road of recovery is the especially earliest one decides to build a change. It’s common to experience conflict about charitable up your drug of option, still while you understand it’s causing troubles in your living.

Mr.Umar Raza is working at Willing Ways Islamabad Center, as a Clinical Psychologist. He uses psychotherapies and psychological tests for personality assessment, IQ assessment, and in the treatment of indoor and outdoor patients.He is interested in clinical psychology, counseling and psycho-diagnostic assessment. His likes to read books on personality development and psychology.

Editor: Amina Javed

Here are some helpful suggestions; it can help you.

Things You Can Do For the Addict

  • Teach physically on compulsion and healing.
  • Technique you transaction with tension
  • Try not to lay blame on or moderator. Keep away from person’s name work. it is a hard time for both of you.


  • ​​Provide a sober environment that reduces trigger for use.
  • Set aside the
  • Buff time to go to meetings.
  • Understand that your lives will change. Do not wish for your older days back. Your elderly being to a number of amounts is come again?
  • Construct in no doubt so as to you equally contain occasion for amusing populace utilize alcohol and drugs to calm down, run away, & as a prize. The aficionado requirements to discover alternative ways to relax, escape, and as a reward otherwise they determination revolve reverse to their compulsion.
  • Don’t facilitate. Perform not provide excuses or cover up for the addict.
  • Do not shield the devotee as of the penalty of their compulsion. Inhabitants are more likely to change if they have suffered enough negative cost.
  • Situate limits so as to you each and every one has the same opinion on. The goal of boundaries is to improve the health of the family as a whole. Don’t make use of limitations to reprove or embarrassment.
  • If you want to provide financial support, buy the goods and the addict needs instead of giving them money that they might use to buy alcohol or drugs.
  • Recognize and acknowledge the possible the devotee has inside them.
  • Behave exactly as you would if your loved one had a serious illness.