Secret Codes and Signs of Addiction in Adult Children of Alcoholics

alcoThere are many secrets codes and signs that may found in the adult children of alcoholics fans. There is caution signs that point toward that you could be on that track. The earlier you acquire help, the easier it is to make transform.

Here are some warning signs and a secret codes that you as an adult child of an alcoholic who is on a pathway to suffering and disaster.

  • Children raise with alcoholism in their families are more likely to marry to someone of same background. They are comfortable in the disorder of craving. Adult children of alcoholics don’t believe they deserve better. They stick to the unhealthy pattern they recognize and they are happy with the unhealthy patterns.
  • Adult children of alcoholics tend to hide their emotions dramatize when it approach to their feelings and thoughts, mostlyanger and sadness. Early days emotional shocks cause problems being able to sense or convey feeling straightforwardly. In the end, fear the most powerful emotions, including enjoyment and happiness.
  • Those who have undergone childhood trouble frequently have a fear of people who disagree with them. They do not take personal disapproval very well. They are continually looking for approval from others while losing their identities in the process. Frequently they end up isolating themselves rather than tackle an issue.
  • Self-esteem comes from others’ judgments when we are small, thus adult children of alcoholics can have a habitual need to beperfectionist and be accepted. They are assessing down with a very low sense of self-esteem and respect, no matter how competent they may be. This frequently leads to depression.
  • Some adult children of alcoholics fear closeness and nearness because it makes them feel that they have totally lost power and control. They have trouble in expressing their needs. Close friendships frequently become stressed over time for them.
  • If adult children of alcoholics grew up in disorder and tragedy. It can give them an adrenaline fix and feelings of power and control. There is a tendency and trend among adult children of alcoholics to see everything and everyone in extremes and edges, especially when they are under pressure.

Final words:

This is not a complete list of traits and signs that commonly found among adult children of alcoholics, but these are the great starting point of rejection found in adult children of alcoholics, but if you recognize and understand the areas in which you can grow, developed and change, a different and special type of life is possible. Controlling your world with drugs is not good habit and that habit is neither healthy nor effective in improving any thing. But with effort and right direction you may have a different life.

Psychologist Arslan Saleem