Common Symptoms of Alcohol Dependence, Their Effects and How to cure it
Alcohol dependence can jog in family where families are dependent heavily on alcohol and greater chances that their children are also develop the dependence on alcohol too. There are many stressful factors that lead to alcohol dependence like grief or losing a job, and many stressful events.


Peoples who are alcohol dependent also suffer mental disorders like depression, sadness, stress disorders, anxiety and drug abuse.

Peoples who are alcohol dependent are also higher risk of developing mental health problems like high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease and liver disease.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
If you suddenly stop drinking then you can experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms that are physical as well as psychological.

Physical Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms includes hand trembling, panic condition, sickness and visual hallucination

Psychological Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms:
Psychological l alcohol withdrawal symptoms include sadness, worry, bad temper, impatience and sleeping problems.

Caution signs of Alcohol Dependence:

  1. When you are worrying where you’re next drink coming form and you plan your entire schedule around alcohol.
  2. When you finding it hard to stop once you start drinking alcohol.
  3. When you Waking up in the morning and start drinking.
  4. When you suffering from worry, trembling and sickness, these are stopped once you drink alcohol.

Tips to Reduce Drinking:

Here are ways you can cut back and help you to reduce your drinking.

  • When you are in state of stress instead of drinking alcohol go for a walk, playing game or do exercises like practice yoga alone or with friends
  • Keep in your notice what you are drinking because you liver can’t tell you about the amount your drink. It can even help you cut down.
  • If you drink regularly your body starts to build up dependence on alcohol. So you taking regular days off from drinking to ensure that you don’t become addicted to alcohol.


Psychologist Arslan Saleem