World liver day was celebrated on 19 April 2012. On this occasion it was declared that Alcoholism and viral Hepatitis infection are the leading causes of liver disorders. Addressing a meeting in connection with the World Liver Day, B. Sankara Sarma head of department of Gastroenterology presented the data of liver diseases.

According to his data alcoholic liver disorders like cirrhosis of liver accounted for 30-35 %. Whereas, Hepatitis B and C infection caused 30-35 % of the diseases. Obesity, diabetes mellitus and hyper lipidamia also caused liver dysfunction.

He said 40 million people suffered from Hepatitis infection in the world. These diseases usually lead to liver cancer in many cases. Drug induced liver problems also noticed. It’s common in the patients using drugs for TB, dermatological problems and cancer.

Early symptoms of liver diseases are loss of appetite, extreme weakness, low grade fever etc. Yellowish eye and other serious symptoms were noticed at a later stage.

He said Hepatitis A and E infection was caused by contamination of food or water, which should be taken care of to avoid the infection. He said liver was the only organ in the body which has the highest self-healing capacity and collapsed only in extreme conditions.

By Ammara Hashmi