Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Most of the cases it is difficult to see when you’re drinking have crossed the boundary from moderate or social the level that we called as problem drinking. It is important to notice that when alcohol is consumed to cope with the difficulties that come in front or when to try to avoid feeling bad then it give the signals that you are in the dangerous zone. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can destroy you so it is very much important for everyone who is involved in alcohol abuse that must be aware of the dangerous and warning signs and once aware about it need to cut down the drinking schedules because it is very important to understand the problems because understanding the problem is the first step to solving and overcoming it.

Arslan-Saleem-2Mr. Arslan Saleem has done BS Psychology. He is working as a Psychologist. He has deep interest in Yoga, Breathing Sciences and Meditation and He helped numerous people for recovery from Mental and Physical illness through Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

Editor:  Jafer Ali

There are many interrelated and interconnected factors like your genetic makeup, how and the environments where you raise up are the major risk factor along with many others that lead to developing alcohol addiction.  The peoples who have a family history of alcoholism and alcohol abuse and who are  more  attached with heavy drinkers are more likely to develop drinking problems and lastly the peoples who suffer  from anxiety, depression or even bipolar disorder  are mostly at risk because mostly use alcohol for the sake of self- medicate.

Alcoholism-3Alcoholism is a great problem for everyone and a person has a drinking problem if the feel guilty about his drinking and he try to lie in front of other or hide his drinking habits and schedules and when family also worried about his drinking. Drinking also becomes problem when on take it in order to make him feel better and forget everything that he did when he is drinking. Drinking is very much common in most of the cultures and the effects also different from person to person. It’s very difficult to find out who is in the list of drinking problems. Remember if you’re drinking cause and create problems in your life then you must have drinking problems.