Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Kind of Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is defined as a state or condition in which nervousness and consistent worries about future fear and uncertainties and we may also define anxiety as it is the stage where we think and act in a situation in a manner that show nervousness and concerned for a specific act or event. I may call anxiety occurs as a result of certain or specific styles of behaviors that we adopted in daily routines.

Everyone in the world feels problems now and then, it is called as normal emotion and there is no issue and many peoples feel confuse problem in the their life events, workplace or when they are ready to make a very important decision of their life but as compared to this anxiety disorders are very much different, because it can cause such a stress that ultimately interferes with the daily life event and also damage the ability to live a normal and balanced life.  This is a very serious mental illness and with treatment, many peoples who suffering from the anxiety disorder can manage their feelings and live again the balance and happy life.

Arslan-Saleem-2Mr. Arslan Saleem has done BS Psychology. He is working as a Psychologist. He has deep interest in Yoga, Breathing Sciences and Meditation and He helped numerous people for recovery from Mental and Physical illness through Yoga and Breathing Exercises.

Editor:  Jafer Ali

Anxiety disorder can happen at any stage of life and  there is no age limit but mostly of time anxiety  disorders are begin in the middle age and studies shows that women are 60 percent more likely to have anxiety disorder as compared to men and reasons are stressful life conditions  and  experiences that increase the risks of  anxiety disorders. The symptoms of anxiety disorders may begin straightaway or may be years later and if a person have a serious medical issue and condition and drug issue then  it  also  leads to anxiety  disorder.


The particular and exact cause of anxiety disorders is unidentified and scientists mostly focused that anxiety disorders are not the product of personal weakness, a flaw of character. According to scientists there are combinations of different factors like changes in the brain and along with this environmental stress is also a big element in developing these disorders. As far as anxiety disorders are concerned it may be caused and happened due to the problems caused by the functioning of brain circuits that control and regulates the fear and all others emotions. Studies show that these long and serve type of stress can change the way nerve cells within these circuits transmits the information from one region to the other region of the brain. There are other studies that show that bulk of the peoples who distress from anxiety disorders have changes certain brain structures that control memories related with solid emotions. In addition, studies also show that anxiety disorders can runs in families along with these environmental factors like trauma or significant event may also be responsible and also become a big trigger for anxiety disorder.