Since last ten years how many teachers have taught you? Ten, twenty, fifty or more. Some of them have taught you at school level and some of them at university level; now how many teachers are among them which you consider to be the best. Probably one or two. Do you remember what are their certain qualities which make them best among the lot? They may be a combination of certain qualities but one major quality is certainly their communication skills. The art to convey your message above board to others. To make things easier for others to understand is a unique ability.

fawad-aly-shahTo communicate in an easy way is a skill that not everyone possesses. Nobel scholars due to lack of this skill under perform at seminars. Besides that many less knowledgeable people perform extraordinarily at same scenarios. The art of communication does not comprise on sentences and words selection. According to a research only 7% is dependent on the content of topic 37% is related to tonality of the speaker and 56% is all about body gestures of the communicator who is delivering the topic.

Many of us believe that effective speakers are born not made-nothing could be further from truth. Demosthenes, the great Athenian orator who is often considered the best in the mankind for brilliant speaking, was highly criticized as a speaker when he first entered public life. Lesson to be learned is that effective communication is a learned activity. As you learn increasingly more information about preparing good for presenting better communication skills you will defiantly build your better communication skills competence. Here are the tips which are necessary for developing a better communication approach:

Start imitating:

To learn any skill in the world the easiest way to do so is to copying or imitating the role models. In other words you chose role model for yourself and by adopting his methods you learn the required skill. Start making a list and write down all the names of those whose communication style you like the most. After making that list write down the particular way by which they convey their message effortlessly. It might be possible that it is their tonality or body language which makes them successful. Try to copy that style in your expression. It will motivate you to make a style of your own.

Watch Movies, Drama, & T.V broadcasting:

If you watch movies and T.V broadcasting purposefully then, it’s easier for you to excel at the art of communication. Because the people we see on broadcasting are well versed with effective communication skills. A character, without uttering a word telling whole story. Rage, anger, love happiness all are expressed without saying anything. If you analyze more deeply then you realize that how body language is a more expressive form of communication.

Observe body language of others while communicating:

When people are talking try to observe their hand and body gestures. They tell a lot different story then the verbal representation. There was a research conducting in USA in which researchers observe a group of people for Ten years. Who claim that they have super natural powers to tell the future of any individual? Researcher has proved otherwise it states that it’s their doubt that converts into a firm believe that they are good at transmitting body gestures into words. By using this skill they tell the fortune and future of other people.

Record your activities:

It’s a fact that we cannot improve a skill until we are unable to measure and monitor it. Record your voice and if possible record your movie of delivering a speech on your favorite topic. This will introduce you to your mistakes. List down all mistakes and work on them in orderly manner. By doing this after some time your communication skills will start delivering good results. Never underestimate the importance of smart work and practice. To excel in any field a person should start deliberate practice towards it.

Identify usual cues:

It is said that eyes are doors of communication. That is why if a person start taking interest in anything, he starts to look towards it unconsciously. If eyes are not responding towards the speakers, it is assumed that listener has lost interest in conversation. Love and hate are also portrayed from usual cues. So, while working on communication pitches it is necessary that you must speak while maintaining an eye contact.

To conclude the beautiful saying of Jim Rohn Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity and the emotions to affect other people .