Self-belief is one of the most important traits of a happy and successful person. You can be the most beautiful and intelligent individual, strong athlete or clever entrepreneur, but without self-belief these qualities may never come out to the full extent. You may not excel to the extent you could.  Self-belief is the foundation of your success both in life and work. In most cases, self-belief is something that we grow up with, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot build up this sense as adults.

Fariha Naz11Ms. Fariha Naz had served as a trainee clinical psychologist in Psychiatry Department of Jinnah hospital and Mayo Hospital Lahore. These training periods included assessment and management of psychological disorders. In Mayo Hospital she worked in play settings, where she worked on psychological testing. During her training period she consulted books of psychiatry for getting extensive knowledge on medicine for psychiatric patients. She has also conducted workshop on stress management.

Editor:  Ms. Shumaila Batool

To believe in yourself, you first need to accept you for who you are. Are you happy, satisfied with yourself, how much you like yourself.  How can you believe in something you don’t fully accept? Accept your good qualities, acknowledge your flaws and maybe work on them. Everyone  has flaws, make mistakes, but you just have to accept everything. To believe in yourself, you have no other choice but to love yourself with all of your good and bad sides. Be proud of the qualities you have, but accept your setbacks also, you can’t avoid them. Without acceptance you won’t be able to work on them. Stop focusing on negative things in your life. Concentrate on everything that is good and positive around you and be grateful for that. Every time you want to criticize about all the hardships and wrongness in your life, try to find at least something good in every bad situation and it will be much easier for you to progress.


Some people say it’s resources, luck, background or connections that create successful people. Whereas I do  agree that all these and many other factors influence the path of every individual, the most contributing factor to achieving something significant is self-belief. Without this key ingredient, there’s not a lot that could help you.

Everything we have in life comes because of our belief that they are possible. You are only one, who can make it possible or impossible. If you are human, you have struggled with belief.