Napoleon said “Imagination rules the world” and according to Einstein “imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be know and understand”.

Among all the species living on the earth, only mankind was created without any set pattern for successful living. All other species other than human being know by default how they must behave and what they must do in order to survive. Humans also have this mechanism more mature than anyfawad-aly-shah other species. The reason behind might be the fact that animals have instincts for finding food and shelter and have no goals beyond survival and security. Humans  are blessed with creative imagination. An individual is like a mirror with no reflection. First through his sense during infancy-then through language and observation he creates his own mental language and observation he creates his own mental self-concept. We all have heard the old proverb of “you are what you eat” similarly we are what we think. Recent researches conducted by Harvard University suggest that “what we watch” does have an effect on our imagination, our learning and our behaviors. Our mind can’t tell the difference between real experience and one that is not clear and repeatedly imagined. What we see is what we will get. We perform in life not accordance with reality; rather in align with our perception of reality. Many of individual’s everyday decisions are based upon information about himself.

In order to master anything, we need to understand how it operates. Scientists today agree that the function of brain is quite complex.

Here are few tips that will be very instrumental for unleashing our creativity and imagination.

  • Imitate characteristics of creative individuals. They are optimistic about the future. Highly curious and observant. They are open to alternatives. They are adventures with multiple interests. They are independent thinker. More importantly they convert ideas into practical solutions.
  • Learn a relaxation technique. Sometimes creative imagination can be pre played and replayed best when we are relaxed. Deep breathing and biofeedback techniques are quite helpful in this regard.
  • To solve problems creativity, it is best to view all problems as situations needing improvements. Change your view attitude towards problems.
  • Try to comprehend your idea into plans. Always test your ideas with practical solutions. It will give you more imagination to think and act the same time. 
  • When to make any decision, put two column headings on a price of paper. Marked advantages and disadvantages on it. In the advantages column list all the benefit and positive results you would receive if you go forward with your decision. List all the disadvantages and consequences of your decision in second column. If the advantages in your opinion out-numbered disadvantages then go forward with your decision.

This small assessment will help you out to question about your creativity and imagination.

  • Do you fantasize and imagine your own success?
  • Do you encourage or discourage yourself in self talk?
  • Do you replay past failures?
  • Do you replay past success?
  • Do you see yourself as a person who is a real winner in life?
  • Do you relax and make a date with yourself?

If your answers are in affirmation most of the time then you are living and progressing in healthy and efficient manner. If the answer is otherwise above mention tips will help you to think about your life more creativity.