Praying is an act of dialogue between the creature and the creator. In the process of praying a close connection has established between man and God. Experts of psychology and sociology have discovered that asking divine grace to intervene into our matters is an inbuilt mechanism of humans. By praying, people got very soothing effects on their lives. The ritual of praying is not only helps individuals to attain inner peace, it also strengthen their inner belief. How praying effects our mind and body? We will discuss these phenomena in detail.

Nature has provided individuals with very strong fawad-aly-shahimmune system that helps them to fight against external threats. It is controlled by our central nervous system. Stress and anxiety put extra burden on our nervous system. In this way a larger chunk of physical and mental energy has been consumed. Praying is such a technique by which we give relief to our body and mind. According to different researches conducted in Harvard and Oxford Universities it has been observed that if an individual remains so long in mental stress its galvanic sensory resistance increases. The toxicity level increases in the blood. It then increases the chances of heart attacks and nervous break downs.

The efficiency of immune system is directly proportional to the functionality of glands. The functionality of glands can be increased by making your life more positive and progressive in nature. There are other two important systems working in our body named as sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. They are extensions of our nervous system. Parasympathetic system is free of human will and control. For example our breathing system in natural, if we try to control our breathing system we are unable to do so. Same is the case with heartbeat. All physical, psychological and mental diseases originated from the weak functioning of this system. A research was conducted on the role of praying for smooth functioning of this system tells us that due to proper praying positive results has been recorded in the functionality of parasympathetic system.

Science has proved the fact that if a person calmly sits in natural environment put all his concentration on praying will help him to heal more quickly. Praying and meditation reduces his metabolism, heartbeat and breathing. This phenomenon then slows down the brain waves which then reduce the stress. This is how in treatment praying helps patients to recover more quickly.

When people are in the process of praying their frontal lobe guides them. It helps them to concentrate more. Parental lobe according to biologist is linked with our beliefs and paradigms. When any individual indulge himself with proper concentration in prayers many energetic ways develops inside his brain. These waves then help to bring positive change in individuals.

According to a survey which was published in Newsweek, 82% of the people pray for their better jobs and sound health. 75% of the people pray for self purification. 87% of people think that God listens to their prayers. Interestingly there are 36% of people who never prayed for their success or better job opportunity.

The mechanism of praying has found in every religion and culture. Every religion has a concept of healing through divine intervention; Things become very paradoxical when it comes to science and religion. According to science, it gather’s all the answer about things through evidence based mechanism. On the other hand religion claims that it has all the answers beforehand. Religion and science are two sides of same coin. Religion is based on belief and science helps to strengthen or weaken that belief. Problems arise when we restrict our self to only one dimension. We start seeing things from our perspective. Basically all the things in this world are created for the betterment of mankind. Prayers and medication helps a lot in dealing stressful events of one’s life. But one should not rely solely on prayers. Proper prescribed methods are there to help individuals to deal tuff situations. We should try to use prayer’s as a very strong tool to get rid from the atrocities of life.