In a recent special episode of the Nadia Khan show, Pakistani actress Meera threw a temper at the studio team and physically assaulted the producer of the show causing serious injuries. She also locked herself in the make-up room and refused to come out until she was given the hosting privilege of the show. Previously on many occasions as well Meera has shown extremely agitated and irritable mood and irrational behavior. Access Hollywood reported Britney Spears throwing a temper tantrum on an airplane and demanded to be let off the flight just because they did not have leather seats.

Darlene-Lancer1Samreen Masud is currently serving as a Clinical Psychologist at Willing Ways Lahore. She has done her M.Phil in Clinical Psychologyfrom Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore and her BSc. Hons. in Applied Psychology from Kinnaird College as well. She has had the experience of working as an intern at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. There she became expert in counseling and relaxation techniques working with cancer patients both adults and children.

Editor: Arman Ahmed

The actress has officially been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Another famous incident was Britney Spears shaving off her head which brought forefront her bipolar tendencies. Many other famous celebrities have also shown violent and aggressive behavior under the influence of this disease. Hollywood stars, such as Ben Stiller, who suffer from Bipolar Disorder, are seen indulged in outrageous behavior and grandiosity on movie sets making it very difficult to be handled and causing the team a lot of trouble. Famous Bollywood actress, Deepika Padukone has also openly admitted battling from severe depression during the shooting of one other very successful movie, Happy New Year. Deepika was said to have managed her mood instabilities very well and giving an outstanding performance.

Bipolar Disorder can be characterized as manic-depressive episodes that cause sudden shifts in mood including fluctuation in energy levels, activities and an individual’s daily functionality. Bipolar Disorder has two extremes, depression and mania. Depression can be described as feeling low and lethargic. The individual experiences feeling of hopelessness, helplessness, loss of interest in pleasurable activities and appetite change. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt are quite common among depressed individuals.
Mania on the other hand is a switch towards an extremely euphoric mood.

The individual feels high and happy with abundant energy and increased flight of ideas. They feel lesser need for sleep, have excessive pressure of speech and very commonly get involved in risky behaviors. Their abrupt mood swings and aggressive behavior can damage their relationships, effect job or school performance and in some cases might lead to suicide.

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