Self-control is the ability to control our impulsivity and reactions towards something. It is not some kind of negative or limiting behavior, as some of them might think. When self-control is used wisely and with common sense, it becomes one of the most important tools for self improvement and for achieving success in life. Self Control or Self discipline is a skill we all possess however we tend to give ourselves a little credit for it. It is an effort to achieve our purpose or goal.

sehrish sarfarazSahrish Sarfraz is a Clinical Psychologist has done her Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Punjab. Her research project was based on “Social & Family Problems faced by Teenagers”. After completing her degree, she did an internship in Fountain House for six months. She worked as a Psychologist in drug rehabilitation center named PRCDRC (Professor Rasheed Chudhary Drug Rehab. Center).

Editor: Nadeem Noor

Self control is a vital factor for overcoming our fears, addictions, obsessions, uncertainty in life or any kind of inappropriate behavior. It puts you to manage your life effectively, control your behaviors and your emotional reactions towards something. It improves your relationships, develop patience’s level and build tolerance. It is an important tool for accomplishing success and happiness in your life.

q2Researchers are discovering the importance of self-control so that we can have a more successful and satisfying life in future. One study shows that abstract thinking promotes self-control success. That is, people are more likely to exercise self-control when they see the common forest beyond the trees and when they don’t get bogged down by specific details.

For example, when working on a long-term goal, it’s easy to get frustrated by the massive amount of small steps required to get you there. Instead, sporadically reminding yourself and others on the team of the end goal serves to promote self-control by preventing obstacles.