Self esteem in simple words is defined as how we feel about our own being as a person. People with high self esteem generally are labeled as adequate, feels strong and have great self-worth, while on the other hand people with low self-esteem are total opposite to that of people with high self-esteem. They fall prey to inadequacy, feels like looser and most of the times think of their existence being worthless. One can get trapped by low self esteem as early as childhood and continues to be effected by this till adulthood. It directly hits the emotional stability and thus an emotional pain becomes part of being us.

haroon-charistyIt is very important to get oneself into a habit to face reality and hence provide acceptance. Being defensive could be a solution for time being but in the long run it gives rise to the feeling of being defeated. Whereas if one accepts the hitch than that means we are open to solve the problem with compassion and thus it helps to think objectively about the solution.

A stronger groundwork for building self-esteem starts up with positive self-imagining and hence asks for being proactive. Waiting passively for self-esteem to come to us doesn’t work at all. Many times we leave self esteem to external factors and this is when it takes the shape of being at its worst, because in case if one of the external variable changes, it effects self – esteem badly.

Our brain is a great machine that if utilized properly can do wonders. Interestingly every time we do something wrong our brain makes sure that we get to know about it. Such type of counter-productive force helps us to regularly work towards instituting and structuring our own self-image.

Building self-esteem comes from generating and understanding our strengths and abilities as well as getting to know about what could we as an individual can offer to this world, answering this question will scale us at how much we are at peace within us. The more we are at peace within; the higher will be our self-esteem. An important point to mention here is that this does not mean that we should ignore the weaknesses rather it asks for addressing them in such a manner that it brings out the genuine person we want to be in actual.

If we have a closer look we will see that self esteem is basically how much we love ourselves and loving ourselves is defined by a concept called self dominion. It is our ability to get the things done we want to do. In other words it indicates self – discipline and self-trust. People with such quality stick to their words and commitments.

The concept of momentum that most of us have read about in high school in physics applies to our lives as well. Whenever we do something regardless of how big or small it is, it affects us directly while giving us boost and energizing us to jump to the next task, other way round when we know we have to do something or we put off something we want to do, we actually are losing trust in ourselves. Whether the wins are small or big it directly affects our liking for our own being and gives rise to faith in ourselves hence enhancing our positive self-image.

Low self-esteem is often found to exist because of depression and anxiety. When our emotions get out of control than this is a call for mood management and getting our feelings in control. Some people overcome this issue with the help of loved one’s while majority needs professional help to get things in control.

Concluding it, it is important to become passionately self – aware. Many times we are being through disturbing thoughts and painful feelings, this is the point when self-compassion helps us to face the reality while giving acceptance and thus helps us to move forward to look for solutions and get the things done. In such situation do the inner dialogue while answering your purpose of existence. Though the process of building self-esteem is a lifelong process that from time to time asks for looking inside and empowering oneself with self-worth but we need sharpening our strengths and abilities and work towards our weaknesses.

In a nutshell,

“If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price – unknown”