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Murk Qazi:

We are living in times where, unfortunately, no matter how beautiful, strong, and undefiable the fortress of our personality looks, there is always something weak and missing inside. It’s like covering a haystack with clay to prevent it from catching fire but that does not change the nature of the haystack; it is always prone to catching fire.

You may live a life of entitlement, comfort, and ease but being insecure can cripple you nonetheless. It does not matter if the insecurity is based on reality and facts and figures, or false assumptions and unpleasant experiences of the past, insecurities can keep you from living up to your full potential unless you find a way to overcome them.

murk-qaziWith majors in Psychology, Murk Qazi has BS Social Sciences degree to her credit, conferred by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology. She has developed numerous research studies in the domain of Psychology and otherwise. being a believer of meaningfulness, she is determined to make her career, and life in general, as much productives as her potentials would allow. Other interests include reading, art, literature, aesthetics, and food. 

Editor: Arman Ahmed

One may feeling secure about their relationships, while another person can be more concerned about the financial stability of their life. There are different types of insecurities people face but one is general life insecurity which includes all and any aspects of life in general. A study conducted in the past year at Peking University by Wenjie Yuan and Lei Wang defined general insecurity to be “a diffuse psychological concern about the safety issue” which encompass a variety iof domains of life. These include insecurities that are relevant to food, employment, economic conditions, healthcare, medication, traffic, and public incidents.


While exploring the idea and its effects, the authors have also suggested a simple step to control over powering insecurities: Elating the optimism levels.

What happens if you are insecure but channel positive thoughts to overcome the feelings of threat and helplessness?

You externalize the power. This means that if something poses a threat of negative consequences, you see it being caused by external factors which would eventually come to an end.

You don’t hold yourself responsible for things going wrong; instead you identify the potential of making things better.