Money is not unmixed blessing. Total dependence or misuse of money may lead to undesirable and harmful results. In the words of Robertson, “Money, which is a source of so many blessings to mankind, becomes also, unless we can control it, a source of peril and confusion. Now days, the most prevalent misuse of money among teenagers is having drugs. The percentage of pocket money spent of drugs has risen dramatically across the globe. Various studies have shown that illicit drugs and money often go hand in hand. Indeed, the pairing of the two is like a more sinister version of peanut butter and jelly.

Addiction treatment, and relapse prevention more specifically, typically focus on avoiding triggers such as old neighborhoods, substance abusing friends and items associated with prior substance use. Money is also a very powerful carvings elicitors. Keeping this in mind, In Willing Ways, we train families how to take care of patients’ cash handling and their spending in initial recovery. A new research says that the use of cash in our society would make long-term avoidance of it highly unlikely. The solution for this issue is pre-paid credit cards. This card prevents the user from making purchases at liquor stores, bars, escort services, casinos, tattoo parlors, and piercing shops.

It also restricts the user from making ATM cash withdrawals or receiving cash back when making purchases. The card will help addicts stay clean and sober by shielding them from the powerful cravings elicited by cash. 


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