Muslims all over the world are getting prepared to celebrate Eid ul Azha on the 16th of October. This Islamic Festival is observed in order to refresh the memory of how Hazrat Ibrahim offered the sacrifice of  his beloved son Hazrat Ismail before God Almighty. But a miracle happened and the Lord replaced his son with a Lamb instead.

alihassanToday the same ritual is practiced throughout the Muslim world and thousands of animals (lambs, goat, bulls, camels) are sacrificed  before Allah to gain His Blessings.

Each year this exercise is carried out in almost all the rural areas and urban cities of Pakistan too. Since Pakistan has been facing urbanization for the past few decades where a huge number of families have shifted to cities in search of livelihood, better basic necessities of life, medical facilities, better education etc. As a result, our towns and cities have become a melting pot of different culture and languages.

This leaves less room for open spaces and grounds. Therefore the Holy practice  of sacrificing the animals is mostly carried out in open courtyards, streets and even on road sides.

My major concern is to create an awareness in our society regarding this Holy sacred exercise.We should keep in mind that while slaughtering the animals openly on Eid ul Azha, a lot of children mostly under the age of 13 do fix their eyes on this “Holy” but rather bloody act.

These young and innocents minds are not mature enough to register the whole religious act .They witness a lot of violence openly.These animals are being brought down on the ground and finally slaughtered by using a razor sharp sword like knife.

The body parts/organs are then thrown openly in the streets to get rotten and become a birth place of some highly destructive epidemics spread outs, which is a direct threat to our lives.

I am deeply concerned about the very young immature and innocent children who become a witness to this “Holy” but somewhat “brutal” ritual every year.

Parents should take special care and keep their children away from the altar scene and especially during the process of slaughtering the Blessed animals.

Some cases have been reported where a group of kids attempted to actually perform the sacrifice ritual on one of their own fellows, by using  kitchen knives .Their motive of course was positive and clear, “To please Allah Almighty and gain His Blessings” . I would take this opportunity to convey my message to parents of children under thirteen to strictly keep out  of the reach of  children all kinds of kitchen knives and cutting blades . Mostly children tend to copy and repeat on their own whatever they see going on at their homes.