The Will Power Trap means that if people have a problem bringing change into their lives, it is not due to a lack of will power. The actual problem lies in the fact that the person is blinded and outnumbered by the many forces influencing him. Overcoming this trap by learning to recognize these influences and harnessing them, increases the chances of success by at least ten times and the person succeeds in bringing about profound, rapid and lasting change.

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One has to think and act fearlessly to bring about such a change, we have to stop opting for off-the- shelf plans and start looking for creative and out-off-the-box answers to our one-of- a-kind, unique challenge. Why so..? Because we are unique and any change plan has to be equally unique as well. There are ways to manage different influences in our life and turn them into positive motivational sources.

If we want to sustain our change effort, we will have to make the right choices pleasurable. We will have to start loving what we hate. The only way to sustain change is, to add pleasure to our new behavior. This requires an extra push, working out after the point of exhaustion. An intention tochange must be backed up by a lot of “will power”, and even more “skill power.” When we find it hard to sustain change, we often blame ourselves and give up, on even most crucial goals. The role of skills is invariably underestimated and this is the real problem. The problem is not our weakness of character, but our lack of the required skills.

However, the good news is that this can be easily remedied through deliberate practice.But if you keep knocking a nail into aluminum that wont work either. We have to make sure that we have healthy and supportive medium to grow in. A good and supportive medium means a healthy social circle that promotes recovery and contentment in ones life. In active addiction we have enablers all around us in the of family , partners in crime, people we identify ourselves with. We need to identify exactly whois involved in undermining our efforts to change through encouraging and enabling our bad choices.