If you are trying to find out if love is true, it is all in the eyes, but it seems there is no love truer than the love of chocolate, new research found that the brain’s pleasure response to tasting food, have discovered it can be measured through the eyes. The release of the brain’s pleasure chemical dopamine has the effect of making pupils dilate – a sign that has been commonly associated with feelings of love and lust.

Chocolate and health may seem like an oxymoron. However, chocolate may be a lot better for your health than you ever thought. This may not be news to those of us who have been happily consuming chocolate all of our lives. Actually, for hundreds of years chocolate has been thought to be a healthful food.

Wakeel-Murad-0300Mr. Wakeel Murad is Clinical Addiction Counselor and he has over 20 years of counseling experience helping individuals and their families handle various addictions and other serious mental health issues. These conditions can also be co-occurring and significantly impair an individual’s life as well as those around them.

Editor: Samreen Masud

Benefits of eating Chocolate

Look Smart
It’s correct. An experiment has shown that a person who has a cup of hot chocolate in the evening have drastically increased (improved) brain function. This is achieved by increasing the blood flow in your heart and brain, so the whole cognitive function of your body improves.

Look Younger
Many toxins and free radical can cause cell damage and one of visible signs is aging. Since dark chocolate is very rich in antioxidants, it offers a great help in fighting this process of cell damaging. So, grab your chocolate and stay young!


For Your Heart
Science has already confirmed that eating dark chocolate improves your blood flow, it prevents the risk from blood clots and it lowers your blood pressure. For the sake of your heart, eat dark chocolate 3 times a week.

You Feel Better
Other benefits of dark chocolate are; you feel more relaxed, calmer and generally in a better mood. Which is something that can’t be ignored right? Dark chocolate can get very useful in stressful situations or when in despair.