We read three types of books in life. First type is related to course materials. Exams and degree cannot be avail until we read and memories them by heart. Course materials are designed by the teachers and intellects of that particular era. In every era courses are changed according to the need of the fawad-aly-shahenvironment. Second types of books are related to our interest and attitudes. These types of books can be categorized into politics, fictions, religion, philosophy, poetry, wisdom and self help. We read such books according to our own likeness. These books gives us wisdom, help us to shape our personality. We might not suppose to be questioned about them but these books help us to pass many crucial moments of our life. Third types of books are divine books. These books categorized into religious scripts, which are there to help mankind to find a suitable way to attain spirituality. Books evoke curiosity to such an extent that individuals attract eternity by their work.

The only thing which makes a difference between human beings other species are sense of curiosity. Human beings are the only species in this world which have innate ability of knowing, learning, discovering, searching and analyzing. All the progress in human history in based on his quality to be curious. Imagine human beings have discovered 1200 different types of scorpions. They also know where they are found which one is beneficed and which one is harmful. No other species in the world know much about own existence. Human race has all the answers. Curiosity creates why, what, how in our life. The individual who has the answers of these questions is blessed one. Because of curiosity, hunger for learning cultivates and you become more aware of yourself. This self awareness then leads towards growth and prosperity. What is the remedy to be successful? Why I am not successful? How can I progress in my life? Are three golden questions which can change anyone forever? Major developments in the world occur through curiosity of individuals about the affairs of life. For example if Alexander Fleming did not work on finding the causes of deaths of individuals due to germs, how vaccines would came into existence. If right brothers don’t focus on the process of birds flying in the Sky; how come ideas of making a plane flourish? Make a list of all the inventions and discovers of the world, all of them is a product of curiosity and deliberate practice. Sense of knowing about things is in our genes. We see many people who are wasting their efforts and heading towards to become a failure in life. They lost their sense of curiosity of did not utilize it to proper extent.

A very beautiful aspect of curiosity is that it is different in different individuals. Nature has created us in same dimension but make us different from one another, curiosity is the main medium through which we increase our knowledge. Success is not attributive to a certain profession rather it is hidden in the fact that how curious you are about that profession. It’s better to find your interest level by yourself rather other people govern your life.

Think for a moment, how many apples have fallen to earth but when Newton see this phenomena his curiosity convince him to ponder that which force is responsible for such event? This sense of curiosity made him a scientist. Never waste your sense of being curious. First of all find it and then channelize it towards authentic knowledge and fruitful information. Make a list of food for thought by yourself. These foods are lecturer’s seminars, and books you read or attend this year. Like a small success attracts big success similarly knowledge attracts more knowledge. Try to figure out in which areas of knowledge you need to work on. Einstein was the most prominent figure of last century. Somebody asks him how come he became more talented? He took a pause and answers it by saying “merely curiosity”. How impressive that such an eminent personality weights curiosity on such a high node.

To conclude the topic a beautiful quote of Walt Disney is worth mentioning “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”