Common problems faced in relationships

Relationships are the most meaningful elements in our lives. They provide a source of fulfillment in ourselves. But having a healthy relationship is not an innate ability. As there are ups and downs in every relationship, successful couples learn how to cope with the bumps and sustain their love life by learning to work through complex issues in their life. Counseling and reading on self-help book about successful relationships may help.

Darlene-Lancer1Halima Noon is working at Willing Ways as a clinical psychologist. She has done her MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. Her published MS thesis includes current trends of materialistic values and compulsive buying among young adults. She is a Certified Reiki Practitioner from Ijaz Psychiatric Institute. Halima is also an artist by profession.

Editor: Samreen Masaud


Communication plays a major role and may be considered a serious problem as most problems in relationships arise because of poor communication. Refrain from using cell phones and other gadgets when having a conversations. Try not to raise voices when communicating. Your bosy language tells if you are listening to your partner or not. Start with setting some ground rules. Try not to interrupt your partner until they are through speaking.


Even loving partners may be, sexually, a mismatch. Lack of sexual education and self-awareness tend to worsen their problems. A therapist may help in adressing the issues and resolving these problems.




Problems also arise due to financial issues. The key is how to handle your conversations. People often regret the things said in the heat of the moment. Approach the other person in a non-threatening manner. In couples, one partner may be a saver and the other may be a spender. One should learn from the other. Being honest is a very important and blaming the other person only creates more problems. Short-term and long-term goals should be decided which may include individual goals as well as family goals.

Home chores

Home duties should be divided among both partners. Be more organized and clear about your responsibilities. Be open to other ways for handling things.


Compliment and show interest in one another. Respecting one another, making time for each other and showing appreciation help in building a successful relationship with your partner.