Toxic people resist logic. Some are ecstatically unaware of the harmful impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to obtain satisfaction from creating disorder and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, they create needless complexity, conflict, and nastiest of all strain and stress. You know those people: they cut in line, are impolite to you in the office or at the bistro, cut you off in traffic, talk noisily about insufferable things, play loud music when you’re trying to focus, disrupt you, and so on.

Dealing with toxic people is something we all have to tackle in our lives at one point or another. Narcissists, gossipers, compulsive liars, manipulators, sociopaths, and those self-indulgent in pity are just a few examples of toxic people. Toxic people always find a way of working their way into people’s lives, and generating drama and chaos in order to manipulate a social group according to their needs. Often they will apply a ‘divide and rule’ policy, in which they implant the seeds of instability, in order to make themselves seem vital to a social group.

Salma-Basharat3Salma Basharat has completed her MSC in Behavioral Sciences from Fatima Jinnah Women University After completing BSC in Botany, Zoology and Psychology. She did her 6 weeks internship in psychiatric ward of Benazir Bhutto hospital. Her areas of interest are mainly relationship counseling and addiction counseling.She is working with indoor as well as outdoor patients simultaneously with the aim of making difference in someone`s life and committed to the well being and restoration of her clients.

Editor: Itrat Zehra

When your sense of happiness and satisfaction are resultant from the opinions of other people, you are no longer the master of your own happiness. When emotionally intelligent people feel positive about something that they’ve done, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or sarcastic remarks take that away from them. While it’s not possible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to contrast yourself to others, and you can always take people’s opinions with a granule of salt. That way, no matter what toxic people are thinking or doing, your self-esteem comes from within. in spite of of what people think of you at any meticulous moment, one thing is certain—you’re never as good or bad as they say you are.


Complainers and negative people are awful news because they flounder in their problems and fail to spotlight solutions. They want people to be a part of their pity party so that they can feel good about themselves. People often feel stress to listen to complainers because they don’t want to be seen as heartless or rude, but there’s a fine line between providing a sympathetic ear and getting sucked into their unconstructive emotional twirl.