Addiction is such a disease which starts with drugs and changes its course towards maladaptive patterns of behavior. Although many people still believe that it is more of a character flaw and something that can be easily treatable on the basis of willpower. This denial is the biggest hurdle in the treatment. Instead of treating disease with medication and behavioral counseling people more rely on conventional methods.

Denial helps us to handle with a potential threat or annoying facts and feelings, such as our possible death. We also refuse reality when the truth would put us in clash with someone else or ourselves. Although denial may be helpful briefly to handle with strain, a superior defense is suppression, which is the sensible decision not to think about anything. For example, a cancer patient may be served by deciding not to think all the time about dying, so that she can find the bravery to undergo arduous treatment.

nadeempasha1M. Nadeem Pasha is working as clinical psychologist at Willing Ways, Lahore. In 2014, he completed his Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from University of Punjab, Lahore. He has acquired his clinical training from one of the honored institutes in Lahore including General Hospital, Mayo Hospital and Fountain House, during which time he conducted detailed assessment sessions with clients of different psychological disorders.Before coming to Willing Ways.

Editor: Hameeda Batool

Denial is a basic symptom of addiction and codependency. We have an unclean relationship to reality often acting against our best activity. Addicts and codependents use denial to go on addictive behavior. Meanwhile, we face destructive results and awful relationships, partially due to denial and partially due to low self-esteem.


Facing Fact

All changes go ahead with an acceptance of reality. Here in lies our capacity. Facing facts, including those that we don’t like or even despise, opens us to new opportunities. Acknowledging a hazardous truth is not easy for most of us, especially if we’re used to refuse or controlling our feelings and our possibilities.