Low self esteem results in low self image. Many mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc. can be the outcome of low self esteem and low self image.
Low self esteem is considered as the central indicator of depression when    clinician made the diagnoses. Researchers have found the significant correlation between self esteem and depression; it means that a person is more likely to have depression if he is not satisfied with his personality. On the other hand, if someone is suffering from depression, he will eventfully dislike himself as a person.

Longitudinal research is the only way to sort out the relation between self esteem and depression. Researchers, Julia Sowislo and Ulrich Orth of Basel University, conducted a study on depression and self esteem. Result of their study shows that self esteem can lead to depression and vice versa. Time has proven that no matter who is tested and how he is tested, low self esteem is a threat factor for depression.

Another very important study shows that in order to make a person feel better; improve his or her self esteem. The research reveals that there is persuasive indication that support the effect of low self-esteem on depression.

Dr. Lars Madsen, who is clinical psychologist and self-esteem specialist from Australia, find out that in the development and continuation of depression, self-esteem is a key factor.


There are some ways to deal with low self esteem and depression. Top of them is that a person should deal with his negative thinking because it leads to poor decisions and abusive situations. Also, a person should start the day with a boost and should create visual cues. Another suggestion is that a person must redefine his failures and keep trying and hope for the best.

Maryam Shah
Willing Ways, Islamabad