Depression can be a debilitating condition but it can affect different people in different ways. Here, Aaron shares how his depression manifests itself in his day-to-day life. Have you experienced depression? Is your experience similar to Aaron's? Let us know in the comments below.

Not showering for three days straight

From day to day I find it hard to get into a routine of showering, it may sound like a simple task but when I don't feel myself or I'm having one of my down days it does not seem so important and I do not realise its been so long since I last had a shower.

Knowing you have things to do but not doing them

Knowing I have things to do like painting a room or even washing dishes can be such a chore when living with depression, as everything seems so pointless. Everything is so hard to do as all I seem to want to do is just sit in a corner and do nothing and it's so hard to motivate myself to do anything without the help of others.

Not being able to sleep

I do not sleep well at night for reasons I do not know, and when I do sleep I never find I sleep enough. Throughout the day I'm just so tired and want to do nothing which affects my everyday tasks. I just feel sometimes I want to sleep and not wake up as I'm so much happier in my dream world.

Self harming

Itr may sound weird but I enjoy self-harming. It's something I have been dealing with for a while now, it's hard to understand but I like the pain of it and it's hard to explain that to people.

Losing my memory and concentration

My memory and concentration has been effected, it became so bad that it affected my work which I was off for nearly a year. I have just gone back to work and I can not concentrate for long periods of time. My concentration just dissappears. I cannot remember most of the things I did the previous day – as much as I try it does not happen.

Depression affects people in many different ways. These are just some of the ways it affects me.

Courtesy:Mental Health