Type 1 DiabetesDiabetes-2

The Type 1 diabetes is a disease where the pancreas creates very low and small amount of insulin or may be no insulin at all because the pancreas cell that is responsible for producing insulin are destroyed. It is important for the peoples to remember who have type 1 diabetes that this disease is for the life time and people's need to focus on treatment in the form of insulin shots along with insulin therapy. Peoples with type 1 diabetes need to focus on exercises and careful focus on their diet to stop variations of blood sugar.

Type 2 diabetesDiabetes-3

Type 2 diabetes is usually found in those peoples who are overweight as they get older and grown up in their life. And it is well-known that about ninety percent of all cases of diabetes are type 2 diabetes and the major difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is that with type 2 diabetes the pancreas does not produce reasonable amount of insulin or the condition in which the body doesn’t use properly that is why type diabetes is mostly considered as lifestyle disease because the reason is that it normally occurs and activated by living impartially inactive life like overweight and most important not involve  in exercise.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is the third major type of diabetes and it is a condition in which women can suffer from diabetics when she is in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is observed and noted that about four percent of all the pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes. The important thing to note that as compared to type1 and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes will disappear once the baby is born.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

There are a lot of signs and symptoms that can easily understand and seen when a person is suffering from diabetes. So following are the symptoms that are very common in diabetes patients are:

•    In diabetes, the person thirst increases

•    In diabetes, the person hunger also increases

•    In diabetes the person having to urinate more

•    In diabetes, the person feels very tired

•    In diabetes the person weight loss

•    In diabetes the person vision becomes dim

•    In diabetes, the person feels numbness in their hands and feet.