Diabetes also creates a lot of problems for the peoples and diabetes can damage the parts of the body such as it affects the heart and also the blood vessels badly. Along with this, it also affects eyes and kidneys to very high level and the heart and bold vessels diseases can prime to strokes and heart attacks. Nerve damage can central to drop of sensation in the feet area and that become poorest when it stays for longer period of time.


Treatment of Diabetics:

Diabetes is curable and controllable for all of us.. Patients with diabetes must need to focus on the healthy eating plan and schedules for every day and don’t compromise on the healthy eating habits. Need to focus on the exercises and need to stay healthy physical and be active all day. It is important for diabetes patients to take their medicines daily and regularly and don’t skip medicine and it is very significant for the diabetes patients to checked their boold glucose levels every day so  that you understand how much improvement is going on the daily basis.

Patients with diabetes need to take extra care of themselves during the special times and events because everyone know that diabetes is a part of your life and it is important for them that how to take care of themselves and their diabetes especially when you are sick and ill, when you are in school or in at job, when you are out of your home or when the some emergency situations happen. These are all the situations that need full intention and full focus from you. It is true that when you are sick and you suffering from cold having infections may raise your blood glucose level because sickness put stress on your body and body releases hormones to deal with the stress and higher amount of hormones can cause high blood glucose levels. So it is very important for you to make a schedule and plan to manage your diabetes when you have mentioned concerns and issues.

So diabetes can be control and manage through the combination of daily exercise schedules, daily diet schedules, and proper body weight control. And the patients who are suffering from type 1 diabetes must take their insulin injections regularly along with proper healthy diet and exercise that help them to fight against diabetes effectively and those who have type 2 diabetes are usually treated with medicine and regular exercises and with a special diet schedule and in some cases insulin injections also required for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.