To begin with it is important to define what is true self? We all usually suggest others ‘to be themselves’ and we do know how damaging it could be if we show our false being.  But what we don’t know is how deep our true self actually is? As we don’t search for our real self we never reach to all the power and wisdom hidden within us.

Like every food that has certain qualities of being sweet, saltish, spicy the same way true self also consists of certain defined qualities. If you find these qualities and nurture them properly, you are there experiencing your true self. Defining the right qualities will help you change and will make the process easier for you.

One of the major aspects of being our true self is how we make decisions or more simplyharoon-charisty do we make the right choices? If I define happiness comes to me through money than is it really so? When we focus too much on materialistic things in our life than do those really define our being successful in life? If you answer is ‘YES’ than that means you are following the wrong road. You are not following your real self rather you are following what other’s follow. Let me explain it through another example. You have an innate quality of being a musician but rather than that you became an architect because the world respect an architect more than a musician. See you put your true self somewhere hidden and are living according to the world. You see yourself through the world’s eye not your inner eye.

Following are the five ways that could help you discover your true self:

Pay the visit to your past and look for the joyous moments

When so ever you are in a process of rediscovering yourself, go into your past and define the happy moments you had experienced. Usually there are many happy moments that had made us happy, don’t worry about the number just go through all of them. It might include your graduation ceremony, or you receiving a gold medal, could be when you received your appointment letter or your first day at job. May be your wedding day or when your first child was born. Remember all those happy moments that made you happy, smile and giggle.

Look for the things that interests you

Mindfully look for the things that generate interest in you. It could be a movie, a serial on television, a book or a pet. It could be being with someone you like or your favorite coffee. What so ever it is enlist all those things that produces spark in you.

Look for what makes you upset

Following the similar pattern as in above point, mention the things that bother you and upsets you. It could result from different feelings like irritability, jealousy, resentments or a bad mood. Emotions are usually defined as great markers, when one is searching for his real self.

Daily journalizing

Journalizing has been one of the most effective ways to find out one’s true self. By journalizing we come across through many such things which otherwise we haven’t thought of. And that is why journalizing helps at a greater extent in finding what we are now and what we were before.

Pay attention to your body signals

Look for the physical cues as they will indicate how far or close you are to your real self. Some of the physical cues include answering the following questions: when do you face headaches? When do you feel most hungry? What brings tear in your eyes? When you usually feel low or high in energy? What makes you happy? What makes you gloomy? Once you answered these questions, the next step is to define the one’s that depicts more of you.  This means follow the ones that boost your energy and make you alive while avoid the one’s that hinders your way in defining the real you.

Interestingly according to a research income and things that are beyond our basic needs does not make us happy and actually push us to being unhappy. The need is to define properly what is an ideal life for me. Do I see success as being having loads of money in my bank account? Or is it being the best musician of the country?

In a nutshell,

“We need to forget what we think we are, so that we can really become what we are”- Paulo Coelho