We live in a world where we are noticed all the time. Our all actions, words, performances do get the attention of others around and most of the time we get the feedback over them as well. The boost in the performance or the de-motivation in the performance is very much based upon the feedback we get, but high motivation and the low motivation or perusing in one task also depends upon the approaches we have about our own self.

asma-qureshiWe get negative and positive feedback on our performance. Negative feedback is generally termed as criticism; where as the positive feedback is taken as appreciation. It is noted that people tend to react negatively towards criticism, but the interesting part is, that people usually don’t take the appreciation gracefully…

There are certain reactions to appreciation.. lets see, what are these….. and do you use any of them??

Many times we throw the compliments into a waste bin in number of ways….


Compliment: your dress looks awesome

Response: today the weather is too hot!!!!..


Compliment: today the taste of the food, you cooked was amazing!!

Response: no, it wasn’t up to the mark today!!!


Compliment: your project really turned out well!!

Response: ah!! Just an illusion!!… the performance of the project member was below average, it was not according to my expectations and you are saying that it has turned out well….!!


Compliment: I am grateful to you for the help you provided me for the treatment of my mother!!

Response: Oh!! Don’t you know ?? I am rescue 1122..!!

Self- insult

Compliment: you ran very fast in the race!!

Response: yeah!! I ran as a dog that is running after a thief!!!!


Compliment: you sang beautifully!!!

Response: why would you think that??


Compliment: you look very fresh today!!

Response: it’s all because of the red colored lipstick!!!


Compliment: you became the center of attraction tonight!!!

Response: and you are always the most charming person in all gatherings!!!

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